Metal Bar
 Hess Truck Sign -Heavy Plastic-35.00
 1986 Castrol Tin Sign --45.00
 Tung Sol Bulb Cabinet --45.00
 NEW-215/65-15 BFG's Radial T/A-125.00
 Weights/Measures Can --175.00
 Big Beam Light- 25.00

 Pick-Up Box Advertising Signs-$375.00-Sold

1956 NOS Pure Gas Cloth Banner -250.00 Sold

 4ft Double sided Painted Steel-- 425.00 Sold
Large Porcelin lights-- 85.00-Sold
 Very Nice Light--Works
  Unique Items 
 1950's 10cent-very nice original condition--450--SOLD
 Very Rare 1950's Wix Oil Filter Rack-priced after repairs

 Set up in new home

 Waiting to be refinished--You choose the Gas Theme
 Oil Bottles With Rack--425

 Wayne 605 --perfect for the 60's muscle car enthustist- 750
Metal Bar
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