Metal Bar

 Our Big Project  --1920's Filling Station --Moved from Vermont --Keep Watching the Progress
 Now a Door -Working on Windows

 Building a home for a 1920's Bowser Fuel Tank




 Mobil Lubster Refinished with Embossed Lid


 Bamsstuff transformation
 Wish this was mine

 Mobil Oil Bottle was a great touch 
 Bennett gas pump 1066 
1/4 scale Midget Racer

  This Really Came out Awesome!!!

 Tombstone Sidewalk Sign Holder

 Love Garbage Cans--Theme?

 Barber Pole -Very Unique-Planning Stages

 Client has decided to Sell --Call for info

 Mobil Pump now their are Twins

 Sign Holder 

 Mobil Oil Rack 
Metal Bar
I Love NY